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Pet Health Insurance

Health insurance for pets has been around for several years. Until recently, most insurance plans were very costly with little reasonable return. The plans were renewable each year with any conditions treated the previous 12 months considered "pre-existing conditions" and not covered.

In the last couple of years a change in the industry, and increased competition, has forced improvements to take place to make us cautiously optimistic about the future of pet health insurance.

Although plans are designed to be similar in understanding to human health insurance, you should be very careful not to expect it to work the very same way. The biggest difference is that the coverage is managed entirely by the pet owner who continues to pay for health care, but submits invoiced receipts to the health insurance companies for approved reimbursement.

Clients want us to recommend a plan. Since we do not do any direct business with a company and cannot assume clients' personal finances, this just would not be ethical.