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Because we are a hospital, space is limited. In order to serve all of our patients' needs, boarding is only offered to established clients.

2021 UPDATE: We are currently only boarding cats. Our hospital is at capacity during the week with surgeries and in-patients allowing little room for boarding dogs. Our staff, as well, has had to focus on the weekday treatments and surgeries limiting availability on the weekends. At this time, until further notice, dog boarding is limited to only established dogs with multiple medical conditions, as space and staffing allow. Please call ahead to inquire about canine medical boarding.


The Fredonia Animal Hospital has climate controlled boarding facilities for your pet's comfort. Dogs and cats are housed in stainless steel kennels and are under medical supervision. Dogs are either placed in our spacious indoor runs or in smaller size-appropriate kennels and are handwalked three times daily.

All boarding facilities are sanitized and kitty litter boxes are changed  twice daily or more frequently if conditions warrant.

At our facility we feed Purina diets. You are more than welcome to provide pet food from home if you feel your pet would benefit from his or her own diet ~or~ if there is a special or prescription diet.

To make your pet's stay with us comfortable, blankets are provided and changed once or twice daily. However, you may bring washable bedding and toys from home. These items should be properly labeled. (Please be aware that some items may be kept from the kennels when staff isn't present to insure your pet's safety during the overnight hours.)

In the evening, lights are dimmed and soothing music is played to help relax our 'guests' and patients! (note: recent studies have shown that classical and spa-like music prompted more relaxation, less barking and longer rest periods for dogs, whereas kenneled dogs exposed to heavy metal, hard rock and some harder country beats were restless, highly stressed, apt to pace and be very vocal. Pop music and human conversation provided neither calming behavior nor excitement).

We recommend that boarding reservations be scheduled in a timely fashion. Keeping in mind that holiday and school vacation times book quickly, it is best to make reservations as soon as possible. Although we do accept boarders, our primary focus is as a hospital, so space is limited, especially for large breed dogs.

To protect all boarders, patients, and staff, vaccinations are strictly required for all pets. As a hospital, we have patients whose immune systems may not be mature or may be deficient due to illness or old age. (Click on the tabs below to learn of vaccinations required for cats and dogs.)

Pets MUST be flea free. If a flea preventive has not been applied within the past 30 days, one will be applied at the owner's expense. If fleas or internal parasites are present during the stay, patients will be treated at owner's expense. 

Please don't forget to bring any medications to be administered during your pet's time with us!